2012. október 28., vasárnap

Battle report #1 : WolfG vs D

In this game it is Legion against Khador, 50 points Battle. Dorian brings pLylith, WolfG brings his new favorite Vlad3 to the table.
Before the beginning of the game, terrain is placed, WolfG seems confident.

The final terrain for this game : two forests, a linear obstacle which provides concealment, and a small field that is rough terrain for small based models.

Dorian deploys his Legion, being very careful not to scare his own guys with the Forsaken ( abomination).

It does take a while, but the final placement is eventually found.

WolfG unpacks his army, all the while keeping one eye on the Legion deployment.

Dorian deploys his advanced deployment, a Teraph and two Strider Deathstalkers.

WolfG deploys two units of Doom Reavers, Saxon Orik (proxyed be a Manhunter) and Eyriss.
The Khador force is deployed and ready for battle.
Special spotlight on 'The Pot', these guys could not kill each other last time to make enough blood tokens, will they succeed now?
End of Turn One for Legion.
-Pot handlers killed each other, made one Shredder
-The Seraph Slistreamed the Spell Martyr 2" forward
- Spell Martir ran up 12"
-  Lylith wanted to cast Eruption of Spines on the Doom Reavers, but they could not be targeted by spells
- Teraph walked up and used his Animus Counterblast on himself
- The two Strider Deathstalkers moved up
- Typhon moved up
End of Turn One for Khador.
- Eyriss moves up, kills the Spell Martyr
- Doom Reaver Squad one runs up, they get shot by the Teraph, one DR makes his Tough roll
-Vlad moves up, casts Wind Wall, Infernal Machine on Beast09, Hand of Fate on the Nyss Hunters
- Everyone moves up, the Ternions put some clouds on the Nyss.
- The second unit of Doom Reavers, Beast09 are protected by Wind Wall.

A close up from the end of Round 1.
Dorian's turn 2.
-Anyssa shoots a Doom Reaver, he is TOUGH
-Raptors shoot the Doom Reavers, 2 make TOUGH checks, one dies
-Teraph kills two Doom Reavers
-Strider Deathstalker shoots the Greylord Escort, does 2 damage
-Seraph shoots at Doom reavers, one is TOUGH, other one dies
- The Swap Gobbers make a cloud
- Naga shoots a Doom Reaver but misses
- The other Deathstalker shoots at a Doom Reaver, kills, the misses the second shot.
- Typhon kills one Doom Reaver
- Shredder charges the Greylord escort, misses him with a roll of 2,2,2
- Lylith casts Eruption of Spines on Beast09, gets 1 leap, kills Cylena, Nyss Hunters lose Combined Ranged attacks
Overview of the table at the end of Dorian's Turn 2.
A Closer picture at the end of Dorian's Turn 2.
End of WolfG's Turn2.
- Vlad kills a Shredder
- The Greylord escort sprays on Lylith, does 5 damage
- Eyriss shoots at Typhon, removes his animus ( Excessive Healing)
- The Nyss advance and shoot Typhon for 18 damage ( single shots)
- The Koldun Lord Sprays the Deathstalker in the forest, misses
- Saxon Orik gives Pathfinder to the Ternions
-  Ternions spray the Deathstalker for 3 dmg
- Doom Reaver Unit 2 runs up with Dash and cause command checks on the other side, Deathstalker2 starts to flee !
- Fenris charges Anyssa and kills her.
Another picture at the end of Turn 2 for WolfG.
Dorian returns to the game after a bit of cursing.
End of Dorian's turn 3.
- Zaggar and holy arrived and started commenting on the game
- Shepherd heals Typhon
- Deathstalker2 rallies
- Lylith feats, kills two Doom Reavers, Slipstreams Typhon
- Seraph slipstreams a forsaken 2" forward, kills a ternion, the Koldun Lord, and Valachev
- Forsaken moves up, uses Bloght Bomb and kills the Greylord Escort, Eyriss and 6 Nyss Hunters.
- Naga Shoots Fenris for 2 damage
- Teraph shoots and kills two Doom Reavers
- Raptors charge, one dismounts Fenris
- Typhon charges, sprays, kills 3 Nyss Hunters, does 8 dmg to Beast09, triggers Hyper Agressive and gets engaged, uses his Animus on himself

Shepherd moves up to block a charge lane.
End of WolfG's turn 3.
- Doom Reaver kills the Raptor that dismounted Fenris
- Fenris charges the remaining two Raptors and kills them
- B09 moves up and does 12 dmg to the Naga and 5 dmage to the Typhon
- Saxon Orik charges Typhon and does 6 damage
- Vlad charges the Seraph, impacts the Forsaken but misses, does 12 damage to the Seraph, sidesteps to the Typhon, kills him and makes a Sprint move to get back to his starting position
A closeup.
The Harrier gives up and flips over by the edge of the table.
End of Dorians Turn 4.
- All frenzy checks were passed
- The Pot makes a Harrier
- Lylith shoots Vlad, casts Parasite on him
- Deathstalkers shoots Vlad, does no damage
- Teraph shoots Vlad, misses
- Seraph shoots Vlad, misses him twice, hits once for 4 dmg
- Harries charges Vlad, does no damage
- Naga attacks Beast09
- Gobbers move and fail their Terror check, Beast09 causes terror with Infernal Machine
End of WolfG's Turn 4.
- Ternion sprays on Lylith, misses
- Saxon kills the Harrier
- Sylys charge Lylith, but misses
- Fenris moves and kills the gobbers
- Vlad charges Lylith, impact kills Sylys, Lylith transfers 11 dmg to the Teraph, then dies to the next blow!

Khador wins this game with a caster kill !